Importing Fonts from Corel Draw

This tutorial guide is specially created to help explain the methods and … CorelDraw X4 (14), and Gunnar SPT32 v6.2 were used as reference for this drawing objects and sites selection ….

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Importing Fonts from Corel DRAW
Step 1  Typing Your Word

  • Opening Corel DRAW
  • Typing your word with the Text Tool

Step 2  Converting from Text to Shapes

  • Why do we need to convert the text into a shape?
  • Convert to Curves
  • Break Apart
  • Changing the view
  • Super-Size it! – Make it bigger
  • Copy & Paste

Step 3  Pasting into SPT32

  • Opening Gunnar SPT32
  • Pasting into Gunnar SPT32
  • Paste dialogue settings

Step 4  Cutting Tips

  • Test cutting
  • Smoothing things out
  • Cutting internal fallouts
  • Saving the file
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Download Importing Fonts from Corel Draw pdf from, 14 pages, 770.07KB.