Maya Muscle Advanced Techniques

advanced techniques tutorials assume you have a basic … muscles with Maya Muscle Builder. The tutorial contains six lessons: ….

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Maya Muscle Advanced Techniques
Rigging simple muscles
Lesson 1: Setting up basic skin deformation on page 202
Lesson 2: Painting Sticky weights to bones on page 209
Lesson 3: Setting up simple muscles on page 215
Lesson 4: Painting Sticky weights to simple muscle on page 225
Lesson 5: Setting up Sliding deformation on page 230
Lesson 6: Setting up Jiggle deformation on page 236
Rigging muscles
Lesson 1: Create and set up a muscle object on page 241
Lesson 2: Set muscle pose states on page 244
Lesson 3: Edit the muscle shape on page 247
Lesson 4: Adjusting muscle length on page 250
Lesson 5: Sculpting muscles on page 254
Lesson 6: Mirroring muscles on page 258

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