Migrating from CorelDRAW to Illustrator: A Technical Resource

This document is a technical resource for the use of inheritance. CorelDRAW content in Illustrator. For detailed information about new features ….

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Importing CorelDRAW files, and working with Illustrator files

  • What is the best way to import my legacy CorelDRAW files into Illustrator?
  • When I open a file from CorelDRAW, I am sometimes presented with a Convert Color Mode dialog box. What does this mean?
  • Does Illustrator have a prepare For Service Bureau feature like CorelDRAW?
  • In CorelDRAW, I am able to publish a document as pDF. how do I create a pDF from Illustrator?
  • how do I export a GIF or a JpEG file from Illustrator?
  • how do I create Flash (SWF) files from Illustrator?

Working with text

  • Does Illustrator maintain kerning or text styling when importing files from CorelDRAW?
  • Does Illustrator support unicode text?
  • Does Illustrator support OpenType fonts?
  • When I open a pDF or EpS file that wasn’t created in Illustrator, text is broken into individual text blocks. Is there any way to avoid this?

Working with objects and colors

  • Where is the place Inside Container function in Illustrator?
  • CorelDRAW has a feature called Shaping, which allows me to combine multiple shapes using path operations. Does Illustrator have similar capabilities?
  • how do I select through objects in Illustrator?
  • Does Illustrator have a clone command, like CorelDRAW does?
  • Can Illustrator create 3D objects?
  • Does Illustrator contain the newer pantone color libraries?
  • Can I define a conical or square fountain fill in Illustrator CS2?
  • Does Illustrator have a search and replace feature, like CorelDRAW?
  • how do I select multiple objects with the same attributes in Illustrator?
  • how do I align or distribute objects in Illustrator?

General document settings

  • how do I add pages to my document in Illustrator?
  • how can I edit photographic content in Illustrator?
  • how can I add barcodes in Illustrator?
  • Can I add rollovers in Illustrator as I can in CorelDRAW?
  • how do I create guides in Illustrator?
  • Does Illustrator have a powerTRACE function to convert bitmap images to vectors?
  • I’ve heard that transparency effects don’t always print reliably. Do these similar effects print reliably from Illustrator?
  • I have heard that Illustrator supports metadata. What does that mean?


Download Migrating from CorelDRAW to Illustrator: A Technical Resource pdf from www.adobe.com, 6 pages, 344.89KB.