Nokia 6230i Component layouts Schematic

Schedules. RM-72. Issue 1 05/03. Copyright й 2005 Nokia. All rights reserved. Page A-1. High level 1maa_02, V.0 Ed. 40 ….

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Nokia 6230i Component layouts Schematic
Component layout (top side), 1maa_02
Top Level, 1maa_02, v.0 ed. 40
RX Front End and Antenna Switch, 1maa_02, v. 0.0 ed. 79
RF9204 Power Amplifier and Power Detection, 1maa_02, v. 0.2 ed. 65
BR45 Audio, 1maa_02, v. 1.6 ed. 190
Mirage 2 VGA Camera, 1maa_02, v. 1.1 ed. 206
Citizen IR Module 1.8V, 1maa_02, v. 6.1.8 ed. 56
IR Resistor 1210, 1maa_02, v. 0 ed. 6
Flash Memory 128 Mbit, 1maa_02, v. 2.0 ed. 81
MMC Interface, 1maa_02, v. 2.1 ed. 80
UEME Power Management – Dual 1 uF 6V3 Capacitors, 1maa_02, v. 1.0 ed. 321
UEME ADC Filter Block – BSI, BTEMP and Active PATEMP, 1maa_02, v. 1.0
DC_DC for TIKU and VIO, 1maa_02, v. 1.7 ed. 79
Light Filtering for Projects using 1uF Caps, 1maa_02, v. 1.0
32KHz Crystal- Micro Crystal CC4VT2, 1maa_02, v. 0 ed. 8
GSM RF – Baseband Interface, 1maa_02, v. 1.3 ed. 65
64Mbit 2V8 SDRAM Memory, 1maa_02, v. 1.0 ed. 68
SIM Reader, 1maa_02, v. 1.3 ed. 67
System Connector, 1maa_02, v. 0.0 ed. 204
Current Measure, 1maa_02, v. 0 ed. 19
5 pin Test Pattern, 1maa_02, v. 2.0 ed. 53
TIKUedge Implementation (GSM), 1maa_02, ed. 135
Discrete Decoupling Capacitors for Tiku, 1maa_02, v. 0 ed. 12
FM Radio Unit, 1maa_02, v. 1.3 ed. 199
Low Power RF Module, 1maa_02, ed. 148
GENIO and GPIO Connection Block, 1maa_02, v. 0.0 ed. 42

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  1. Hello, I can’t find Nokia 6230i Component layouts, in PDF I find only Electrical Schematic. Where i can find PCB?

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