Nokia N900 RX-51 Service Manual

The purpose of this paper is to Nokia Level 1 and 2 … Enter a service to Nokia products. This service manual should be used only by principles ….

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Nokia N900 RX-51 Service Manual Level 1&2
Nokia N900 Disassembly
Nokia Standard Toolkit Version
AV plug and SS-100 or SS-210 Camera removal tool
Protect the touch window with protective film
Use the finger groove to release the battery cover assy
Remove battery cover
Unscrew the four Philips size 00 screws in the order shown
Disconnect flex from the engine with SS 93, do not damage connector
use SS-93 to release the clips holding the QWERTY Cover assy
remove the QWERTY KEYMAT
Lift up engine board
release GPS antenna assembly with SS-93
Detach CELLMO Antenna assembly with SS-93
Remove cameraLCD connector revealed

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