Nokia N97 User Guide

The wireless device described in this guide is approved for information about networks. … When connecting to another device, read the manual ….

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Nokia N97 Connectivity User Guide
Data connections and access points 64
Network settings 64
Wireless LAN 65
Access points 67
Active data connections 69
Synchronisation 69
Bluetooth connectivity 70
USB 73
PC connections 73
Administrative settings 74
Nokia N97 Internet User Guide
Browse the web 75
Browser toolbar 75
Navigate pages 76
Web feeds and blogs 76
Content search 76
Bookmarks 77
Empty the cache 77
End the connection 77
Connection security 77
Web settings 78
Nokia N97 Positioning (GPS) User Guide
About GPS 79
Assisted GPS (A-GPS) 80
Hold your device correctly 80
Tips on creating a GPS connection 80
Position requests 81
Landmarks 81
GPS data 82
Positioning settings 83
Nokia N97 User Guide Ovi Maps
Maps overview 84
Use the compass 84
View your location and the map 85
Map view 85
Change the look of the map 85
Find a location 86
View location details 86
Plan a route 87
Save places and routes 88
View and organise places or routes 88
Send places to your friends 89
Synchronise your Favourites 89
Share location 89
Get voice guidance 90
Walk to your destination 90
Drive to your destination 91
Navigation view 91
Get traffic and safety information 91

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