Peugeot 405 (petrol) Service and Repair Manual

The manual has drawings and descriptions to show the function of the various components, so that their layout can be understood

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Peugeot 405 (petrol) Service and Repair Manual
Engine and Associated Systems
TU petrol engine in-car repair procedures
XU petrol engine in-car repair procedures
Engine removal and overhaul procedures
Cooling, heating and ventilation systems
Fuel/exhaust systems – carburettor models
Fuel/exhaust systems – single-point fuel injection models
Fuel/exhaust systems – multi-point fuel injection models
Emission control systems
Starting and charging systems
Ignition system
Underbonnet check points
Engine oil level
Coolant level
Brake fluid level
Power steering fluid level
Tyre condition and pressure
Screen washer fluid level
Wiper blades
Bulbs and fuses

Download Peugeot 405 (petrol) Service and Repair Manual pdf from, 17 pages, 560.26KB.
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