Porsche 928 S4 Service Timing Belt Procedure

Subject: 1987 Porsche 928 S4 automatic transmission. Mileage: 119,177. VIN: WPOJBO928HS860179 (beginning to build …. 10 – Follow the wiring that runs through the front of the engine. …. Some patterns in the workshop manual (p.17-6b) ….

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Get everything together
Remove the front of the engine
Remove the timing-belt
Remove the water pump
Remove, rebuild and install the tensioner
Install the water pump
Install and tighten the new timing-belt
Install the front of the engine
Insert the oil dipstick tube. I used some gasket sealer. Some diagrams in the Workshop Manual …
Plug in the connecting wire for the timing-belt tension sensor.
Attach the upper part of the dipstick tube to the center timing-belt cover.
Install the console mount for the alternator.two 13mm and one 17 mm bolt.
Again install the flywheel lock.
Remove the crank bolt and washer.
Install the pulleys with the belts in place. From back to front the order…
Tighten the crank bolt (with thick washer) to 218 lbs. torque. …
Remove the flywheel lock and replace access cover (on automatics) or clutch slave cylinder…
Replace the upper timing-belt covers. The right side has one short and one long 10mm bolt. …
Thread the wiring harness across the front of the engine, under the right timing-belt cover…
Reconnect the harness split to the connector near the left headlight.
Reattach the harness bracket to the right engine lift point.
Reconnect the wire running from the right fuel rail harness to the connector …
Tighten the A/C compressor belt and pivot bolt.
Tighten the power steering belt with the13mm adjuster nut. Tighten the two 13mm …
Tighten the air pump belt with the 13mm adjuster nut, 17mm lockdown bolt, and 13mm pivot bolt.
Tighten the alternator using the 6mm hex key adjuster and the 17mm lockdown bolt….
Use a piece of sandpaper and clean the rotor and the contacts inside the distributor.
Attach each distributor to its timing-belt cover with a flathead screwdriver or an 8mm socket.
Connect the spark plug and coil wires.
Attach the front spark plug wire loom to the water pump (4mm hex key).
Tie the wiring harness to the spark plug wire loom.
Start with cylinder #1 and check that its wire goes to the distributor terminal #1. …
Check the spark plug coil wires.
Disconnect the oil cooling line and loosely replace the fan shroud.
Reconnect and tighten the oil cooling lines (1-1/4 or 32mm and 1-1/16 or 27mm wrenches) …
From underneath, fit the three tabs at the… and connect the fan wiring and clips.
Tighten the two 10mm screwbolts on top of the shroud.
Reattach the air pump filter hose.
Tighten the power steering reservoir clamp.
Replace the jump point cover.
Replace the oil dipstick.
Reattach the coolant reservoir hose.
Attach the lower radiator hose to the radiator.
Attach the upper radiator hose to the water manifold.
Fill the engine block with a coolant mix through the upper radiator hose and then connect…
Fill the radiator through the lower radiator hose and then connect the hose to the water manifold.
Fill the coolant reservoir.
Check accessory belt tension.
Check spark plug wire connections.
Test upper, lower, and coolant reservoir hose clamps.
Remove tools, lights, etc. from the engine bay.
Reconnect the battery ground strap.
Cross fingers, insert ignition key and turn. VROOooomm!
Set heater to full HOT and fan on maximum.
Check engine for leaks and bad noises

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