SolidWorks Tutorial 1: Axis

SolidWorks Lesson 1. Axis. Preparatory training … SolidWorks Benelux has developed this tutorial for self-training for SolidWorks SolidWorks 3D CAD Tutorial ….

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SolidWorks Tutorial 1 Axis
How to do it

  1. 1. Create an axis of Ø30 x 80
  2. 2. Cut the material in order to create the different diameters

Tips: If you cannot get a clear view of what you are doing, zoom in or rotate your part. Remember:

  • To zoom in or out: turn the scroll-wheel. The position of the cursor determines the position at which you are zooming.
  • To rotate: push the scroll-wheel and move your mouse

Tips: At this point in the tutorial, you have learned two ways to set the depth of an extrusion:

  • You can enter the dimension in the field at the left of the screen, as you did in step 14 and 28.
  • You can drag the arrow in the part, as you did in the last step


Download SolidWorks Tutorial 1: Axis pdf from, 22 pages, -KB.