Stress Analysis using Autodesk Inventor

Stress Analysis using Autodesk Inventor – Sunitha Babu L AUGI Board of Directors … Step 5: Open Inventor module stress analysis as shown in Figure 6 ….

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Stress Analysis using Autodesk Inventor
1: Create a rectangle of sides 150mm X 75mm using rectangle by two points (SHIFT + R)
2: Now click on finish sketch and extrude for a distance of 2mm.
3: Select 2D sketch (+S) on one of the faces and create a circle at the center with a diameter of 25mm
4: Now use the extrude command and carry out a cut out operation.
5: Now open the Inventor Stress Analysis module as shown in Figure 6.
6: In this module, first define the material property followed by boundary condition and later solve the problem
7: Now apply force as 100 N at one end of the face as shown in Figure 8.
8: Now apply fixed constraints at the other end as shown in Figure 10.
9: Now apply the mesh by selecting the Stress Analysis Settings. Go ahead and select the Analysis
10: Now select Stress Analysis update and you will able to see all the results such as Equivalent
11: The plots of all the stress are shown below (the plot indicates butterfly patter).
12: The animated stress plots can be seen using the Animate Result option.
13: Further, the entire result can be obtained using a Report option available in Inventor

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