The Student Guide to Good Credit

control of your online bank account with tool … guide can help you successfully manage your credit. See the inside ….

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The Student Guide To Good Credit

  • What is Credit?
  • What’s a Credit Report?
  • What’s a Credit Score?
  • Why is a High Credit Score Important?
  • How Can I Build a Good Credit History?
  • The facts, tips, and tools in this guide can help you manage your credit successfully
  • Creating A Budget
  • Avoid Fees & Finance Charges

To Build Good Credit

  1. Stay Below Your Credit Line
  2. Pay Off As Much As You Can
  3. Pay on Time

Understanding Your Monthly Statement

  1. Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  2. Available Credit
  3. Credit Line
  4. Minimum Monthly Payment
  5. Outstanding Balance
  6. Payment Due Date


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