VW Passat B5 1.8T Waterpump & Thermostat Replacement

A / C cooler lines. oil lines oil cooler … Remove the fan. The cooling fan clutch does not remove the failed water pump, … Installation is in reverse order. Note: when tightening the new gasket water pump and fan-type jet ….

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VW Passat B5 1.8T Waterpump & Thermostat Replacement
A/C lines to condenser
Oil lines to oil cooler
Coolant lines to radiator
Wires to horns
Wire to outside temperature sensor
Raise vehicle and support it on jackstands, remove the belly pan, and disconnect battery
Remove the air intake duct, then remove the front turn-signal corner markers
Hood latch: The plastic hood-release pull must be disconnected from the hood latch mechanism
Front Bumper Cover: Remove the screws
I chose this procedure due to not wanting to purchase the special tool
Lock Carrier (LC): This part of the body holds the radiator and oil cooler, headlights, horns and some other plumbing
Remove one of the four lock carrier retaining bolts on either side of the radiator and replace it with the the bumper bolt
Unbolt the power steering oil cooler line and outside temperature sensor from the front of the LC
Now that everything that needs to be disconnected is disconnected, start SLOWLY pulling the LC forward,
Drain coolant from both radiator and waterpump
Remove the cooling fan
ATW engines: In order to remove the alternator
Accessory Drive Belt (a.k.a. alternator belt)
Remove the alternator: Remove the upper alan bolt, and lower nut/bolt combo
Remove the power steering pump from the bracket
Remove the nuts/bolts from the alternator/power steering pump bracket
Release the hose clamps and disconnect the coolant hoses
Pull out the bolts (remembering where each one went, they are different sizes) in the bracket
Using the above picture, remove the bolts securing the plastic thermostat housing to access the thermostat
Installation is in the revers order
Be sure to add fluid

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