Wells Fargo Your New Checking Account Guide

Wells Fargo has developed this guide to help you understand the basics of your new Wells …. Sign up for free access to Wells Fargo online banking and ….

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Wells fargo Your New Checking Account: An Overview

  • Money In – How To Make Deposits
  • Adding Money To Your Account
  • Preparing Your Deposit
  • Endorsing Checks
  • Holds On Your Deposit
  • Money Out – How To Make Withdrawals
  • Accessing Your Money
  • Setting Up Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Your Wells Fargo Check Card
  • Writing Checks
  • Money Management Tips
  • Record Your Transactions
  • How To Avoid Overdrafts
  • Monitor Your Account Online
  • Protect Your Account And Identity
  • Safeguard Your Account
  • Review Your Monthly Statement
  • More Useful Services
  • Savings Account
  • Automatic Transfer
  • Global Remittance Services
  • Wells Fargo Credit Card
  • Glossary: Key Terms For You to Know


Download Wells Fargo Your New Checking Account Guide pdf from blog.wellsfargo.com, 12 pages, 6320.98KB.
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