What You And Your Family Can Do About Asthma

need for rescue medication quickly to stop asthma attacks. 2. Many people also need a preventive medicine every day to protect the lungs and the treatment of asthma ….

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How to control your asthma and keep asthma attacks from starting:

  • Stay away from things that start your asthma attacks
  • Take asthma medicines the way the doctor says to take them
  • Go to the doctor 2 or 3 times a year for check-ups
  • When you are pregnant, do not smoke.
  • Keep tobacco smoke away from the baby and out of your home
  • Put a special dust-proof cover on the baby’s mattress
  • Keep cats and other animals with fur out of your home
Download What You And Your Family Can Do About Asthma pdf from www.ginasthma.com, 32 pages, 314.11KB.
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