1999 Nissan Frontier Owner Manual

This vehicle may not be changed. Modification could affect performance, safety or durability and may ….

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Instruments and controls
Pre-driving checks and adjustments
Heater, air conditioner and audio system
Starting and driving
In case of emergency
Appearance and interior care
Do-it-yourself operations
Maintenance schedule
Technical and consumer information
Adjustment after headlamp assembly
replacement … 7-23
Air bag (See Supplemental restraint system)
Air bag warning light… 2-16
Air cleaner housing filter… 7-15
Air conditioner
Air conditioner (Automatic)… 3-8
Air conditioner (Manual) … 3-2
Air conditioner specification label… 9-11
Air conditioning-servicing… 3-10
Air conditioning system refrigerant and
lubrication recommendations… 9-6
Alarm system (See Theft warning system)
Anchor point locations… 2-27

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