2004 BMW 525i Sedan Owner Manual

2004 BMW 525i Sedan Owner Manual… BMW AG At a glance This overview of buttons, switches and displays is intended to serve as a source of orientation in your vehicle’s operating environment

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The section will also assist you in becoming acquainted with the control concepts and options available for operating the various systems. Cockpit Cockpit All around the steering wheel: controls and displays. Roller sun blind for rear window Rear window safety switch. Electric power windows 33 Adjusting exterior mirrors. Turn signal indicators High beams, headlamp flasher 88 Check Control 68 Computer 70 Standing lamps. Buttons on steering wheel 7 8 Instrument cluster 12 Windshield wipers 57 Rain sensor 57 Portable phone*: > Accepting a call > Start calling > Ending call. 9 11 Ignition lock 49 Volume Steering wheel heater 44 Steering wheel adjustment 43 Voice command system. Fast forward/reverse: > Radio Press briefly: change station Press longer: manual tuning or automatic search scan > CD Press briefly: select track Press longer: fast forward/reverse. 12 Cruise control 58 Active cruise control 59 13 Opening the hood. Opening the luggage compartment lid 31 15 Head-Up Display 85 Navigation R eference Mobility 11 Communications Entertainment Individually programmable, refer to page 44. 17 16 Parking lamps and low beams 87 > Individually programmable, refer to page 44 > Voice instructions for navigation. Instrument lighting 88 Front fog lamps. Horn: the entire surface A t a glance

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