2004 BMW 645Ci Convertible owner manual

2004 BMW 645Ci Convertible owner manual… For trouble-free operation, keep the photocells clean and do not cover the area between the interior rearview mirror and the windshield.

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2004 BMW 645Ci Convertible owner manual
Adjustments Mirrors Adjusting exterior mirrors Armrest in the driver’s door: 1 2 4-way adjustment Switching to the other mirror or automatic curb monitor, refer to page 45 There are two photocells in the interior mirror to control the automatic dimming of the interior mirror. One is integrated within the mirror’s lens, refer to arrow, while the other is located at an offset position on the rear of the mirror housing.
The indicator lamp within the button lights up when the steering wheel heater is in operation. Programming button function Depending on your vehicle’s equipment, an individual function can be assigned to each of the two programmable function buttons in the steering wheel. 5. Press the controller 6. Select button if necessary.
Never install a rearward-facing childrestraint system in the front passenger seat of this vehicle if the passenger airbag is not deactivated. If you do so, the child could be severely injured when the airbag is triggered. Your vehicle is equipped with an airbag supplemental restraint system for the front passenger.

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