2004 BMW 745Li Sedan Owner Manual

2004 745Li Sedan Owner Manual… Operate the vehicle only when the luggage compartment lid is completely closed. Otherwise, exhaust fumes could penetrate the interior of the vehicle.

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2004 BMW 745Li Sedan Owner Manual
This is not possible, if the luggage compartment lid has been locked separately. Automatic luggage compartment lid operation* Opening The luggage compartment lid opens all the way, when you > press the button next to the steering column > press the button on the outside of the luggage compartment lid, refer to page 37 > press button 3 on the remote control unit, refer to page 34. Closing A recess has been incorporated into the inside trim on the luggage compartment lid to make it easier to pull down.
During opening the luggage compartment lid pivots upward and to the rear. Ensure that adequate clearance is available before opening.< Push the switch into position 1. This locks the luggage compartment lid and disconnects it from the central locking system. If you then lock the storage compartment in the center armrest before handing over only the remote control when leaving the vehicle for valet parking, etc., this will prevent unauthorized access to the vehicle through the luggage compartment, refer to page 32. Automatic Soft Close feature To close the luggage compartment lid, merely press it down gently.

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