BPEL Basics for Java Developers

Uni-hannover.de/lehre/tutorials/BPEL-ODE-Eclipse.php This tutorial will guide you through the basics of creating a BPEL process is functional – and also show how to simulate, implement and control … .

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BPEL for Java Developers
BPEL Basics for Java Developers
Mapping the Unknown
Starting the Journey
Parsing the Language of SOA
Service Orchestration
The SOA Language Jungle
What’s in a portType? Why aren’t we interfacing instead?
Must my binding have use AND style?
Do partners really link?
Why do I need WSDL when I already have an RPC?
Orchestration Using Java
Loan Approval Process: a Service Orchestration in… Java?
On to BPEL Basics
Getting the Message – the Receive Activity and main()
Calling All Web Services – the Invoke Activity and invoke()
I’ll get back to you – the Reply Activity and return()
Exceptional Fault Tolerance – BPEL Faults and Java Exceptions
Undo – BPEL Compensation and …
Going Around the Jungle
ActiveBPEL Designer to the Rescue!

Download BPEL Basics for Java Developers pdf from www.activevos.com, 15 pages, 303.42KB.