Building Rich Enterprise JSF Applications with Oracle JHeadstart for ADF

This tutorial requires Oracle JDeveloper 11g Studio Edition Version Production. If you have an installed version of Oracle JDeveloper ….

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1. Introduction
2. Tutorial Setup
2.1. Download the Tutorial Files
2.2. Start with JDeveloper 11g, Release
2.3. Install Oracle JHeadstart 11g Using Check for Updates
2.4. Setup the Oracle HR Schema and Sample Data
2.5. Define a JDeveloper Connection for the HR Schema
3. Creating a Default Web Application
3.1. Create and Configure a New Application
3.2. Create Default ADF Business Components
3.3. Generate Default Web Tier with JHeadstart
4. Change Layout Styles and Query Behavior
4.1. Change How Employees Group Gets Generated
4.2. Change How the Departments Group Gets Generated
4.3. Change How the Jobs Group Gets Generated
4.4. Change How the Countries Group Gets Generated
4.5. Change How the Regions Group Gets Generated
4.6. Regenerate and Run the Application
5. Create Department Manager List of Values (LOV)
5.1. Add Manager Name and Email to Departments Query
5.2. Create a Model List of Values (LOV)
5.3. Use the LOV on ManagerName and Hide the ManagerId
5.4. Regenerate and Run the Application
6. Creating a Wizard Including a Shuttle Control
6.1. Add View Object Instances to the Data Model to Support the Wizard and Shuttle
6.2. Create and Configure a New EmpWizard Group
6.3. Create and Configure Three Item Regions for the EmpWizard
6.4. Configure Subordinates Detail Group to Use Shuttle
6.5. Regenerate and Run the Application
7. Adding a Conditionally Dependent Field
8. Adding a Graph and Summary Information
8.1. Configure the Employees4 Group
8.2. Add a Graph Using the JDeveloper Visual Page Editor
8.3. Preserving Customizations Using Generator Templates
9. Navigating Context-Sensitive to Another Group Taskflow
10. Launching the Employee Wizard in a Popup Window
11. Reusing the Employees Group
11.1. Make the EmployeesView Query Conditionally Restricted to one Department
11.2. Configure Employees Group for Reuse
11.3. Reuse Employees Group as Child of Departments Group
11.4. Regenerate and Run the Application
12. Changing the Look and Feel
13. Adding Validation Rules
13.1. Defining Some Declarative Validation Rules
13.2. Rerunning the Application to See Business Rules in Action
14. Conclusion

Download Building Rich Enterprise JSF Applications with Oracle JHeadstart for ADF pdf from, 105 pages, 4913.16KB.
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