Cobra Pistol Derringer Manual

Parts READ these instructions. Before using this GUN. Proudly 100% Made in USA. WARNING. Hammer Place half of Cock. POSITION AND SAFETY CALLS ….

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Cobra Pistol Derringer Manual
read these instructions
before using this gun
derringer manual
standard, big bore or long bore
inspecting your derringer
loading your derringer
firing your derringer
cleaning and maintainance
cleaning and maintainance for storage
standard series derringers
model c22, c22m, c25, or c32
standard series derringers schematic
big bore & long bore series derringers
model cb22m, cb32m, cb38, cb380, cb9, clb22m, clb38 or clb9
big bore-long bore derringers schematic
contact & shipping information

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