Harley Davidson Handlebar Grips

Follow the instructions in the maintenance manual to install the right new gas sleeve grip on the steering wheel and close the throttle cables. ….

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Remove and Install the Left Grip

  • See Figure 1. Remove the two screws with flat washers securing the handlebar clamp (3) to the clutch lever bracket. Remove the clamp and position the clutch hand lever assembly away from the handlebar.
  • Loosen, but do not remove, the upper and lower switch housing screws (1).
  • Remove the end cap from the existing left handlebar grip if equipped. Remove the grip by carefully cutting it away from the handlebar using a sharp blade or knife

Remove and Install the Right Grip

  • Refer to the service manual for removal of the switch housing assembly.This is necessary to access the throttle cables.
  • Refer to the service manual to disconnect the throttle cables and remove the existing right grip/throttle sleeve


Download Harley Davidson Handlebar Grips pdf from www.harley-davidson.com, 2 pages, 192.38KB.
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