Lynn Allen’s Tips and Tricks For Using AutoCAD 2009

AutoCAD. Lynn Allen’s Tips and Tricks. AutoCAD 2009 for help …… Lynn started using AutoCAD software version 1.4, 20 years ago, ….

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Lynn Allen’s Tips and Tricks For Using AutoCAD 2009
User Interface
Menu Browser
New Quick Access Toolbar
Pin Important Drawings and Actions
The Ribbon
Status Bar
Layout Tab Improvements
Hidden Message Settings
Quick View Layouts
Quick View Drawings
ViewCube Feature
SteeringWheels Feature
ShowMotion Feature
Geographic Location
Object and Layer Properties
Layer Management
Customize Layer Manager
Freezing a Layer in All Viewports
Renaming Layers
Direct Access to the Layer States Manager
Updated Layer Settings Dialog Box
Layer Evaluation Tool
Annotation Scaling
Controlling Annotation Scale
Annotative Controls on the Status Bar
Backward Compatibility
New Multiple Leaders
Multiple Leader Style Manage
Aligning Leader Lines
Smart Dimension Break Command
More Cool Dimension Features
Text Step Savers
Use ESC to Exit MTEXT
In-Place Spell Checking
More Efficient Spell Checker
MTEXT Column Wrap
More Control over Paragraphs
Create Attributes with Multiple Lines of Text
Table Step Savers
Bidirectional Excel Tables
Retain Changes in Tables
Wrap Long Tables Across Multiple Rows
Create a Table from a Data Link
Create Incremental Data Fast
Easily Extract Object Data
Productivity Tips
More Powerful Find and Replace
Export Layout to Model Space
Dynamic XCLIP
Speedy WBLOCKs
Updated Array Command
Missing Printers Identified
Recover Drawings Along with Xrefs
ETRANSMIT Enhancements
View Grip Tips on Dynamic Blocks
Publish Sheet Sets in Reverse Order
Publish One Sheet at a Time
Working with DGN Files
DWG TrueView
Autodesk Labs
Bonus Section: Autodesk Impression
Additional Tips for Current
Impression Users
Stroke Type
Area Fill
Drop Shadow Effects
A Sense of Randomness

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