Mastercam X4 Router Tutorial

Mastercam Wire. 2-axis programming and 4-axis wire. Mastercam for SolidWorks. NC programming in SolidWorks. Mastercam Art Mastercam X. ….

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Powerful Part Modeling
Intelligent Machining
Capture Your Machining Knowledge
Automatic Toolpathing
Dependable Toolpath Verification
2D Toolpaths
Contouring, Drilling, and Pocketing
Tabs, Onion Skinning, and Breakthrough Control
Part and Toolpath Nesting
3D Toolpaths
Roughing, Finishing, and Cleanup Machining
A Wide Range of Strategies
Multiaxis Machining
On-screen toolpath verification
Single & limited multisurface roughing
Single & limited multisurface finishing
Full multisurface & solid roughing
Full multisurface & solid finishing
Full multisurface & solid cleanup machining
Full multisurface & solid highspeed machining
5-axis drilling & curve machining

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