Nokia 3230 RM-51 Service Schematics

Service Schematics Introduction…This document is intended for use by authorized NOKIA service centers only Service Schematics was created with focus on customer car..

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Nokia 3230 RM-51 Service Schematics
The purpose of this document is to provide further technical repair information for NOKIA mobile phones on Level 34 service activities It contains additional information such as eg Component finder Frequency band table or Antenna switch table. The Signal overview page gives a good and fast overview about the most important signals and voltages on board Saving process time and improving the repair quality is the aim of this document It is to be used additionally to the service manual and other training or service information such as Service Bulletins nokia 3230 RM51. Exploded view and component disposal All measurements were made using following equipment Nokia repair SW Oscilloscope Spectrum Analyzer RFGenerator GSM Tester Multimeter Phoenix version 200446475 Fluke PM 3380AB Advantest R3162 with an analog probe Rhode Schwarz CMU 200 Fluke 73 Series II While every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of this document some errors may exist If the reader finds any errors NOKIA should be notified in writing Please send EMail to trainingsacenokiacomFrontpage NOKIA DCT4 common baseband System connector Audio USB UEMEK Flash interface SIMMMC reader Zocus UPP Flash SDRAM IRDA SMPS Bluetooth FM radio User Interface UI board RF part Signal overview

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