Overhauling the Ford 9N engine: Block Assembly

Consolidation Ford 9N Engine – Part 2: Assembly Korschot block by John – www. johnsoldiron.com (April 2010). The whole block begins with the engine all ….

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The block assembly starts with all the engine components ready for installation. The disassembly and
The crankshaft was recently re-ground
While I got it to run the compression was poor as was the oil pressure
Assemble the oil pump
Valve lapping is a much debated topic
The valve seats are hardened and lapping by hand is very time consuming
Block cleaning must be done prior to engine assembly
The oil passages must be cleaned on the crankshaft
Engine startup is a bad time to learn about
missing galley plugs
Remove the caps and inspect the Pastigague
install the caps w/bearing and lube them, and torque to proper setting and test rotate the crank
Install the wrist pin keeper in one end
Install each ring on the piston using ring expanders
installing the crankshaft, pistons, cam, and oil pan
Prepare for rear seal installation
Install the pistons
Install the rear rope seal in the oil pan using the same method as the block
Install the camshaft
Install the oil slinger, pulley, and nut ensuring that the pulley and

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