The Wittig Reaction: Synthesis of Alkenes

Wittig reaction. 49. Wittig reaction: Synthesis of alkenes. OH Ph3P. HH HH +. Ms. chloride benzyl triphenyl phosphonium phophonium = 389 g / mol ….

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The Wittig Reaction: Synthesis of Alkenes
Phase transfer can only take place at the interface between the two phases. In order to maximize contact between the two phases, it is very important that the mixture be well stirred to provide lots of small droplets and lots of surface area for organic/water contact. Wittig Reaction Procedure May work with partner, or may work alone. Place a small stirring bar in a large test-tube.
Filter the organic solution into a separate 50-mL Erlenmeyer, using a funnel packed with glass wool to filter off the sodium sulfate. 17. Rinse the original Erlenmeyer and the funnel with additional dichloromethane. 18. Add a boiling stick to your organic solution, and then place the Erlenmeyer into a hot-water bath (250-mL beaker?) to boil off the dichloromethane. (Be thorough…)
A good starting guess may be about 7.5 mL, but you may need to improvise as needed. This recrystallization can be done right in the same 50-mL Erlenmeyer flask. 21. Let things dry thoroughly before getting your yield and mp. Once you have your yield, also calculate your % yield. Lab Report: Standard synthesis style lab report. Be sure to include detailed observations on some of the things that happened. For product, include yield, mp, and % yield. Questions: None assigned.

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