2007 Mini MC/MCS Hardtop Owners Manual

Congratulations on your new MINI COOPER. his Owners Manual We have tried to make all the information in this Owners Manual easy to find The fastest way

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2007 Mini MC/MCS Hardtop Owners Manual
At a glance The fastest way to find information on a particular topic or item is by using the index refer to page 134 Using this Owners Manual 4 6 Notes Reporting safety defects At a glance 10 Cockpit Controls Controls. Opening and closing Adjustments Transporting children safely Driving Everything under control Technology for driving comfort and safety Lamps Climate Practical interior accessories Driving tips 76 Things to remember when driving Mobility. Refueling Wheels and tires Under the bonnet Maintenance Care Replacing components Giving and receiving assistance Indicator and warning lamps Reference Reference 130 Technical data 134 From A to Z Online Edition for Part no 01 41 0 013 069 1106 BMW AG 3 Mobility Driving tips.
Opening and closing Opening and closing Keysremote controls New remote controls. Your MINI Dealer can supply new remote controls with integrated keys as additional units or as replacements in the event of loss Personal Profile The concept. The functions of your MINI can be set individually. By means of Personal Profiles most of these settings are stored for the remote control currently in use. When you unlock the car the remote control is recognized and the settings stored for it are called up and implemented. This means that your settings will be activated for you even if in the meantime your car was used by someone else with another remote control and the corresponding settings. At most three remote controls can be set for three different people A prerequisite is that each person uses a separate remote control Remote control with integrated key Each remote control contains a rechargeable battery that is automatically recharged when it is in the ignition lock while the car is being driven You should therefore use each remote control at least twice a year to maintain the charge status In vehicles equipped with convenient access the remote control contains a replaceable battery.

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