A Simple Tutorial for Maple V

Tutorial for Maple V. 1. Jim Rathman, 11/09/1995 10:12. A simple tutorial for Maple V … 14 / 3 (This is the line-out, seized by Maple.) Graphical user interface and a tutorial describing ….

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A Simple Tutorial for MAPLE V
Accessing Maple and Getting Help
Basics of Input and Output
Summary of Common Maple Commands
Data Structures: Sets, Lists and Arrays
Parentheses, Brackets and Braces
2D and 3D Plotting
Try using Maple to construct some graphical plots:
Example: Plotting a PVT surface calculated using the ideal gas law.
Example: Calculating Volume using the van der Waal equation of state.
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
solve an equation or set of equations
same as solve, using floating point arithmetic
solve ordinary differential equations
Functions can be defined and then plotted:
Multiple curves on a 2D plot are also easy to construct:
3D plots are made using the plot3d function

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