Adobe InDesign CS3 Scripting Guide: JavaScript

October 5, 2006 … We assume you already read Adobe InDesign CS3 Scripting Tutorial and know how to write, install and run. InDesign scripts in the script ….

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Adobe InDesign CS3 Scripting Guide: JavaScript
This document shows how to do the following:
Work with the Adobe® InDesign® scripting environment.
Use advanced scripting features.
Perform basic document tasks like setting up master spreads, printing, and exporting.
Work with text and type in an InDesign document, including finding and changing text.
Create dialog boxes and other user-interface items.
Customize and add menus and create menu actions.
Respond to user-interface events.
Work with XML, from creating XML elements and importing XML to adding XML elements to a layout.
Apply XML rules, a new scripting feature that makes working with XML in InDesign faster and easier.
The scriptPreferences object and its properties.
Getting a reference to the executing script.
Running scripts in prior versions of the scripting object model.
Using the doScript method to run scripts.
Working with script labels.
Running scripts at InDesign start-up.
Controlling the ExtendScript engine in which scripts execute.

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