Adobe InDesign CS4 Scripting Guide: JavaScript

We assume you already read the script, Adobe InDesign CS4 ….Exporting a document as PDF Exporting to PDF Setting PDF export options Exporting a range of pages to PDF 

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Adobe InDesign CS4 Scripting Guide: JavaScript
How to Use the Scripts in This Document 7. About the structure of the scripts 7. For More Information 8. 2. Scripting Features 9. Script preferences 9. Getting the current script 10. Script versioning Targeting Compilation Interpretation. 
Using the doScript method 11. Sending parameters to doScript 12. Returning values from doScript 12. Controlling Undo with doScript 14. Working with script labels 14. Running scripts at startup 15. Session and main script execution 16. 3. Documents 17. Basic document operations Creating a new document Opening a document Saving a document Closing a document Basic page layout Defining page size and document length Defining bleed and slug areas Setting page margins and columns Changing the appearance of the pasteboard Guides and grids Changing measurement units and ruler Defining and applying document presets Setting up master spreads Adding XMP metadata Creating a document template Printing a document Printing using page ranges Setting print preferences Printing with printer presets.
Exporting individual pages to PDF Exporting pages as EPS Exporting all pages to EPS Exporting a range of pages to EPS Exporting as EPS with file naming. Working with Page Items 45. Creating Page Items 45. Page Item Geometry 46. Grouping Page Items 48. Duplicating and Moving Page Items Creating Compound Paths Using Pathfinder Operations Converting Page Item Shapes Arranging Page Items Transforming Page Items Using the transform method Working with transformation matrices Coordinate spaces Transformation origin Resolving locations Transforming points Transforming again.Resize and Reframe 59. 5. Text and Type 60. Entering and importing text Creating a text frame Adding text Stories and text frames Replacing text Inserting special characters. Placing text and setting textimport preferences 63. Exporting text and setting textexport preferences 67. Understanding text objects Working with text selections Moving and copying text Text objects and iteration Working with text frames Linking text frames Unlinking text frames Removing a frame from a story Splitting all frames in a story Creating an anchored frame .

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