Automation with XML in InDesign CS3

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ow To Build an InDesign XML runin template for repeating elements Lets have a brief look at an example and how you could develop an InDesign template for automated XML runin of repeating elements. Figure 2. Adding an element to the Structure Figure 1. Reviewing the structure of a design and assigning tags to content One thing to keep in mind is that the XML list of cardealers when imported will end up as text in a Text Frame. The default tag for a Text Frame or series of threaded text frames a story in case of a multi page or listing is you guessed it the Story tag. This tag is a child tag which means it is nested within the root tag. In the Structure panel that is indicated by the indentation. The Story element itself will be the parent of all other elements. When you are basing the development of the InDesign runin template on a sample document youve created you can automatically add the Story element to the Tags panel and tag the Text Frame instead of first adding a new Tag to the Tags panel then adding this element to the Structure Automatic Tagging The design Give your data meaningful names in the Tags panel youd add new tags for each of the XML elements. Consider using a DTD Document Type Definition to quickly insert all of the possible tags into the Tags panel without making any typos. DTDs also enable you to validate the XML structure you create or that is imported during XML import against rules set in the DTD. For example a rule could be that a Dealer may must have nested elements for brand name description office details phone listed in a fixed order. If you are going to Map tags to styles as part of your template design it is probably a good idea to create matching Tag and Style names in the template as it makes adding the Tags to the panel an easier task Building the structure Why tag things manually when we can do things onthefly right Select the Text Frame containing your single car dealer design content and click the Autotag icon at the bottom of the Tags panel or select Autotag from the panel menu With the design element finished youre ready to get started with the build of the Structure and template. If preferred select the original Root tag in the Tag panel and rename it to your preferred name. The new name automatically updates the Root element name in the Structure panel. To view the Tags panel select Window Tags. Double click the Root tag and rename it Figure 3. Auto Tag Story 2008 Cari Jansen Automation with XML in Adobe InDesign CS3

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