Basic To Intermediate Photoshop CS4

Launch Photoshop CS4 and open an image of two ways: 1) Go to File> Open ….. Departure. Adobe video tutorials ..

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Basic To Intermediate Photoshop CS4
Retouching Tools: going in order of least control to most control for retouching your image.
Spot Healing Brush tool: You want to make sure the diameter of the tool is just large enough to cover
Healing Brush tool: Allows you to set a specific sample spot on the image as your source point and
Clone Stamp Tool: Allows you to set a specific spot on the image as your source point while allowing a
Resizing Images: Go to Image > Image size.
Bicubic works well when working with images with tonal gradations
Bicubic Smoother (for scaling up)
Bicubic Sharper (for reductions).
Saving Images – Different File Formats: Lossy vs. Lossless
Essential Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts: memorize these so you can work faster using both your hands.
Week 2: Selection Tools & Working with Layers
Selection Tools – Marque, Lasso, Magic Wand, and Quick Selection
Refine Edge Option with all Selection Tools:
To take pixels out of your selection with any tool, Option + Click with the mouse.
Deselecting your Pixels – Command + D, then make a new selection
Properties of Layers – why they are so amazing and should be used as much as possible
Editing Layers: Each layer\’s opacity and blending mode can be adjusted in the layers palette to allow a more
Working In The Layers Panel: If this panel is not open, go to Window > and select Layers. This window will
Blending Modes for Layers:
Keyboard Shortcuts for Layers in the Layers Panel:
Working in the Layers Panel Menu
Tips & Tricks with Layers:

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