FAST Magazine 42 – New Flight Operations Documentation for the A380

FAST 42. 9. Francis payer. Director A380/A350/A400M operational standards. Aviation activities and online help. Airbus Customer Services ….

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FAST Magazine 42 – New Flight Operations Documentation for the A380
Previous paper operational documents suffered from disadvantages in consulting in an operational or training environment and also in the time, process and frequency of updating with  revisions, the difficulty of integrating airline and Airbus content and various others. When electronic documents became available, with the introduction of the Airbus LPC, they offered  opportunities to reduce these disadvantages. These were  a first step towards a new concept of flight operations documentation. Now, the advanced technology of the A380 enables a further step to be made with an enhanced concept of electronic operational documentation that can be displayed on the OIS of the aircraft. This new concept benefits from the experience gained by the airlines and Airbus with the LPC and is enriched by the new opportunities offered by A380 systems and electronic documents to enable a much better integration of task oriented operational documentation in the cockpit. Customer satisfaction was a prime objective for the new A380 flight operational documentation so airlines were deeply involved from the beginning, particularly in the FCOM, FCTM and MMEL. The A380 operational documentation is setting new standards for ease of use, functionality, airline and Airbus data integration and numerous others. This will be beneficial for existing and future projects such as the A400M and the A350 XWB. In addition, it will benefit the evolving Airbus ‘Going Digital’ project for the A320, A330/A340 families and will
help operational documentation to cruise to new heights of usability.

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