Improving Care for older people

care plan for the elderly to be built on information gathered from … for people who support the elderly and health professionals ….

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Improving care for older people: a policy for Health Services
Foreword from the Ministers
Preface—towards better care for older Victorians
Executive summary
Section one: Specific care issues for older people
Improving nutrition
Increasing functional mobility
Avoiding the loss of skin integrity
Reducing incontinence
Avoiding and reducing the incidence of falls
Understanding delirium and dementia
Reducing problems with medication
Supporting the maintenance of self-care
Managing depression
Section two: Improving care—principles and processes
Clinical governance responsibility
Involving older people and carers
Identifying people with additional care needs
Assessing care needs
Planning care
Transition planning and coordination of care
Section three: Integrating care—principles and processes
Improving hospital inpatient care for older people
Health Service community-based programs
Relationships between Health Services and ongoing community support services
Older people awaiting long-term care options
Promoting health independence
Appendix A Risk screening tool
Appendix B Remembering carers in discharge

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