iPod Classic User Guide

iPod classic has an internal battery, not user replaceable. … This guide explains how to use iTunes songs and other audio and video onto the iPod classic ….

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Chapter 1
4 iPod classic Basics
5 iPod classic at a Glance
5 Using iPod classic Controls
8 Disabling iPod classic Controls
9 Using iPod classic Menus
11 Connecting and Disconnecting iPod classic
14 About the iPod classic Battery
Chapter 2
17 Music Features
17 About iTunes
18 Importing Music into Your iTunes Library
22 Organizing Your Music
22 Using Genius in iTunes
23 Adding Music and Podcasts to iPod classic
26 Playing Music
33 Watching and Listening to Podcasts
33 Listening to Audiobooks
34 Listening to FM Radio
Chapter 3
35 Video Features
35 Purchasing or Renting Videos and Downloading
Video Podcasts
36 Converting Your Own Videos to Work with iPod classic
37 Adding Videos to iPod classic
39 Viewing and Listening to Videos
Chapter 4
42 Photo Features
42 Importing Photos
45 Viewing Photos
Chapter 5
48 Extra Features and Accessories
48 Using iPod classic as an External Disk
49 Using Extra Settings
53 Syncing Contacts, Calendars, and To-Do Lists
55 Storing and Reading Notes
56 Recording Voice Memos
56 Learning About iPod classic Accessories
Chapter 6
58 Tips and Troubleshooting
58 General Suggestions
63 Updating and Restoring iPod Software
Chapter 7
65 Safety and Cleaning
65 Important Safety Information
67 Important Handling Information
Chapter 8
68 Learning More, Service, and Support

Download iPod Classic User Guide pdf from manuals.info.apple.com, 76 pages, 1837.73KB.