iPod Shuffle User Guide

Keep these instructions for your iPod shuffle for future reference. Important safety instructions. Dealing with the iPod shuffle drop, hide, open ….

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iPod Shuffle User Guide
Chapter 1
3 About iPod shuffle
Chapter 2
4 iPod shuffle Basics
4 iPod shuffle at a Glance
5 Using the iPod shuffle Controls
6 Connecting and Disconnecting iPod shuffle
8 Charging the Battery
Chapter 3
10 Setting Up iPod shuffle
10 About iTunes
11 Importing Music into Your iTunes Library
14 Organizing Your Music
15 Adding Music to iPod shuffle
Chapter 4
20 Listening to Music
20 Playing Music
22 Using the VoiceOver Feature
Chapter 5
26 Storing Files on iPod shuffle
26 Using iPod shuffle as an External Disk
Chapter 6
28 Tips and Troubleshooting
31 Updating and Restoring iPod shuffle Software
Chapter 7
32 Safety and Handling
32 Important Safety Information
34 Important Handling Information
Chapter 8
35 Learning More, Service, and Support

Download iPod Shuffle User Guide pdf from manuals.info.apple.com, 40 pages, 1374.85KB.
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