JavaScript: A Crash Course – Core Language Syntax

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JavaScript: A Crash Course Part I: Core Language Syntax
Originals of Slides and Source Code for Examples:
Taught by the author of Core Servlets and JSP
JavaScript references
Embedding in browser
Basic syntax
Strings and regular expressions
Introduce with “var”
You do not declare types
There are only two scopes
Operators and Statements
Almost same set of operators as Java
Conditionals and Simple Loops
Basic for loop
while loop
do/while loop
Array Basics
One-step array allocation
Two-step array allocation
Indexed at 0 as in Java
Other Conditionals and Loops
for/in loop
More on Arrays
Arrays can be sparse
Arrays can be resized
Arrays have methods
Regular objects can be treated like arrays
Arrays Example
Array Performance
The Math Class
Almost identical to Java
Strings and
Regular Expressions
String Basics
You can use double or single quotes
You can access length property
Numbers can be converted to strings
Strings can be compared with ==
Strings can be converted to numbers
Core String Methods
Simple methods similar to Java
Methods that use regular expressions
HTML methods
Regular Expressions
You specify a regexp with /pattern/
Most special characters same as in Java/Unix/Perl
Regular Expression: Examples
Not similar to Java
Main differences from Java
Passing Functions: Example
Anonymous Functions
Optional Args: Summary
Fixed number of optional args
Arbitrary args
Optional args via anonymous object
Optional Args: Details
You can call any function with any number fo arguments
Optional Arguments
Properties (instance variables)
The prototype Property
Class-level properties
Pseudo Inheritance
Objects: Example (Updated Circle Class)
Rolling Your Own Namespace
Namespaces in Real Applications
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
JSON: Example
Using JSON for Optional Arguments
Using JSON for Optional Arguments: Example Code
Using JSON for Optional Arguments: Example Results
Internet Explorer and Extra Commas
Firefox tolerates trailing commas in both JSON and arrays
Other Object Tricks
The instanceof operator
The typeof operator
Adding methods to builtin classes

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