Learning jQuery 1.3

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Learning jQuery 1.3
Chapter 1 Getting Started What jQuery does Why jQuery works well History of the jQuery project Our first jQuerypowered web page Downloading jQuery Setting up the HTML document Adding jQuery Finding the poem text Injecting the new class Executing the code. The finished product Summary.
Chapter 2 Selectors The Document Object Model The factory function CSS selectors Attribute selectors Styling links Styling listitem levels. Custom selectors Styling alternate rows Form selectors DOM traversal methods Styling specific cells Chaining Accessing DOM elements Summary.
Chapter 3 Events Performing tasks on page load Timing of code execution Multiple scripts on one page Shortcuts for code brevity Coexisting with other libraries Simple events A simple style switcher Enabling the other buttons Event handler context Further consolidation. Shorthand events Compound events Showing and hiding advanced features Highlighting clickable items The journey of an event Side effects of event bubbling Altering the journey the event object Event targets Stopping event propagation Default actions Event delegation Removing an event handler Event namespacing Rebinding events Simulating user interaction Keyboard events Summary.
Chapter 4 Effects Inline CSS modification Basic hide and show Effects and speed Speeding in Fading in and fading out Compound effects Creating custom animations Toggling the fade Animating multiple properties Simultaneous versus queued effects Working with a single set of elements ii Positioning with CSS.Working with multiple sets of elements Callbacks In a nutshell Summary.
Chapter 5 DOM Manipulation Manipulating attributes Nonclass attributes The factory function revisited Inserting new elements Moving elements Marking numbering and linking the context Appending footnotes Wrapping elements Copying elements Clone with events Cloning for pull quotes A CSS diversion Back to the code Prettifying the pull quotes DOM manipulation methods in a nutshell Summary Loading data on demand Appending HTML Working with JavaScript objects Retrieving a JavaScript object Global jQuery functions Executing a script
Chapter 6 AJAX Loading an XML document Choosing a data format Passing data to the server Performing a GET request Performing a POST request Serializing a form Keeping an eye on the request AJAX and events Security limitations Using JSONP for remote data Additional options The lowlevel AJAX method Modifying default options.Loading parts of an HTML page Summary .
Chapter 7 Table Manipulation Sorting and paging Serverside sorting JavaScript sorting Preventing page refreshes. Serverside pagination JavaScript pagination Row grouping tags Basic alphabetical sorting The power of plugins Performance concerns Finessing the sort keys Sorting other types of data Column highlighting Alternating sort directions Sorting and paging go together Displaying the pager Enabling the pager buttons Marking the current page Paging with sorting. The finished code Modifying table appearance Row highlighting Row striping Advanced row striping Interactive row highlighting. Tooltips Collapsing and expanding sections Filtering Filter options Reversing the filters Interacting with other code. The finished code Summary.
Chapter 8 Forms with Function The legend Required field messages Improving a basic form Progressively enhanced form styling Conditionally displayed fields Form validation Required fields. Required formats A final check 221 223 Checkbox manipulation The finished code Compact forms Placeholder text for fields AJAX autocompletion The finished code Working with numeric form data Shopping cart table structure Rejecting nonnumeric input Numeric calculations Parsing and formatting currency Dealing with decimal places Other calculations Rounding values Finishing touches On the server In the browser Populating the search field Keyboard navigation Handling the arrow keys Inserting suggestions in the field Removing the suggestion list Autocompletion versus live search. Deleting items Editing shipping information The finished code Summary.
Chapter 9 Shufflers and Rotators Headline rotator Setting up the page Retrieving the feed Setting up the rotator The headline rotate function Pause on hover Retrieving a feed from a different domain Gradient fade effect The finished code An image carousel Setting up the page Adding a loading indicator. Revising the styles with JavaScript v 290 012

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