Mitsubishi Eclipse Electric Fan 325 Installation Instructions

Earth connection in wiring harness from the engine compartment …. See current application diagram: speed control system. CAN bus (cable) 2 Step ….

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Electric Fan 325 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS
Be sure the engine is cool before you start the installation. Disconnect the battery to ensure that the existing electric fan does not come on

  1. Remove the existing electric fan.
  2. Cover the ends of the stock electric fan control wires with vinyl electrical tape to seal out the moisture, and secure wires to the frame so they will not contact other moving parts. These leads will not be used with the FAL electric fan.
  3. Attach the mounting brackets to the FAL electric fan shroud using the four screws and washers provided. Leave the screws loose to allow for mounting the fan and final adjustments.
  4. Make sure the radiator is cool, and slowly remove the radiator cap to allow any built up pressure to release. Loosen the clamp on the upper radiator hose and back the hose off.
  5. Lower the fan/bracket assembly onto the radiator and position the back side of the mounting brackets to slip behind the lip of the radiator. Once the mounting brackets are in place, adjust the position of the brakcets to hold the fan assembly in place, then tighten all four screws.
  6. Before wiring the electric fan, check for clearance between the fan and any moving components within the engine bay and make sure the fan blades turn freely and do not contact the radiator or shroud assembly.
  7. Follow instruction for temp sensor installation, before reattaching radiator hose.

Fan Wiring Instructions

  • Step 1: Locate mounting point for control
  • Step 2: Wire the fan motors (refer to Wiring Diagram, below)
  • Step 3: Connect the motor wires to the control module using supplied female connectors
  • Step 4: Disconnect the negative battery lead for safety while finishing the wiring. Use the large
  • Step 5: Use the large diameter black (12 GA) wire to run from the negative (-) battery terminal to the
  • Step 6: Use the small diameter red wire (14 GA) to connect the + terminal on the control module to
  • Step 7: (Optional) For air conditioning control (if desired) connect the C terminal on the control
  • Step 8: (Optional) For manual switch operation, use Flex-a-lite p/n 31148. Connect the switch as
  • Step 9: Use the zip ties provided to secure the wires and prevent them from interfering with fan
  • Step 10: Insert the temperature probe into the radiator fins


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