Nike + iPod User Guide

Nike + iPod. User Guide ….. The standard calibration for Nike + iPod is suitable for many users. You can improve accuracy by calibrating the Nike + iPod ….

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Nike + iPod User Guide
4. Your Personal Workout Assistant
5. Quick Start
12. Using Nike + iPod
12. Calibrating Nike + iPod
15. Setting the Unit of Distance
15. Entering Your Weight
15. Locking Your Device During a Workout
16. Getting Spoken Feedback
17. Using a PowerSong
17. Pausing a Workout
18. Receiving Calls During a Workout
19. Changing Music During a Workout
19. Sending Workouts to Automatically
20. Reviewing Workouts on Your Device
21. Creating Custom Workout Shortcuts
22. Purchasing Nike+ Workouts
23. Linking a Nike + iPod Compatible Remote or Heart Rate Monitor
24. Working Out with iPod Nano (6th Generation) and a Heart Rate Monitor
26. Linking to Another Sensor
27. Putting the Nike + iPod Sensor to Sleep
28. Important Safety Information
29. Learning More, Service, and Support

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