SiteGround / cPanel Tutorial

Siteground / cPanel Tutorial. This will guide you through the installation process and installation steps. Version 3.1.3 eFront. Siteground cPanel ….

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SiteGround / cPanel Tutorial
Step 1: Upload and uncompress file.
Step 2: Create subdomain
Step 3: Create database and database user.
Step 4: Install eFront
Step 5: The system is setup and ready to use!
Image 1: Extract the uploaded file
Image 2: Extract the zipped archive to the current folder
Image 3: After extraction, the directories structure should match the one shown here
Image 4: Create a new subdomain, which will be used for eFront
Image 5: The subdomain was created successfully
Image 6: Create a new database
Image 7: Create a new database user
Image 8: Assign the newly created user to the newly created database
Image 9: Assign all privileges for this database on the selected user
Image 10: Database setup completed successfully
Image 11: The efront installation script start page.
Image 12: Settings marked with a warning sign are recommendations, but the system will run without them
Image 13: PEAR classes must be present in order for the installation to continue
Image 14: Database settings match those provided in the database creation step
Image 15: System settings are set to default values and normally need not to be changed
Image 16: Fill in the administrator account information. Professor and student accounts may be created with default settings
Image 17: Installation completed succesfully

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