Sony DSR-11 DVCAM Deck (Mac Labs) Owners Manual

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules Operation is subject to the following two conditions. This device may not cause harmful interference and. this device must accept any ….

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Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Alarm Messages, Notes on Use, Compatibility of DVCAM and DV Format, Specifications, Glossary, Index.
The DSR11 is a 4inch digital video cassette recorder that uses the DVCAM digital recording format. This system achieves stable superb picture quality by digitally processing video signals that are separated into color difference signals and luminance signals component video. With a compact lightweight and spacesaving case the unit can be installed vertically and is equipped with an analog interface as well as a digital interface enabling connection to a digital device such as a computer. The DSR11 s main features are described below.

Wide track pitch
The recording track pitch is 15 urn fully 50 percent wider than the DV formats 10um track pitch. Thanks to this feature the DVCAM format sufficiently meets the reliability and precision requirements of professional editing.

Highquality PCM digital audio
PCM recording makes for a wide dynamic range and a high signaltonoise ratio thereby enhancing sound quality. There are two recording modes 2channel mode 48kHz sampling and 16bit linear code which offers sound quality equivalent to the DAT Digital Audio Tape format or 4channel mode 32kHz sampling and 12bit nonlinear code.

DVCAM Format
DVCAM is based on the consumer DV format which uses the 411 component digital format NTSC or the 420 format PAL and provides a 4inch digital recording format for professional use.

DV format compatibility
A DV cassette recorded on a DVformat VCR can be played back on the unit SP mode only The unit can also record in DV format SP mode only Recording playing back an image in LP mode is not available.

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