Sony HVR-V1U HDV Camcorders Owners Manual

Digital HD Video Camera Recorder Camscope numrique HD Operating Guide Before operating the unit please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference

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Sony HVR-V1U HDV Camcorders Owners Manual
Read this first 5. Using the CDROM Manual 12. Getting Started Step 1. Checking supplied items 13. Step 2. Attaching the supplied microphone and the lens hood with lens cover 14. Step 3. Charging the battery pack 16. Step 4. Turning the power on and holding your camcorder properly 19. Step 5. Adjusting the LCD panel and viewfinder 20. Step 6. Setting the date and time 22. Step 7. Inserting a tape or a Memory Stick Duo 24. RecordingPlayback Recording 26. Playback 29. Changing the settings of your camcorder recordings 31. Adjusting the zoom 31. Adjusting the focus manually 32. Adjusting the EXPOSUREIRIS 33. Adjusting to Natural Color White balance 37. Customizing the picture quality Picture profile 38. Adjusting the volume 42. Assigning the functions to the ASSIGN buttons 43. Focusing on a distant subject Focus infinity 44. Recording an index signal 44. Reviewing the most recently recorded scenes Rec review 45. Searching for the last scene of the most recent recording End search 45. Playing back the most recently recorded movies Last scene review 45. Using the Shot transition 46. Changingchecking the settings in your camcorder 48. Changing the screen 48. Displaying the settings in your camcorder Status check 48. Checking the remaining battery Battery Info 49.
Locating a scene on a tape 50. Searching for a scene by date of recording Date search 50. Searching for a recording start point Index search 50. Playing the picture on a TV 52. Using the Menu Using the menu items 57. Menu items 59. CAMERA SET menu 62. Settings to adjust your camcorder to the recording conditions EXPOSURE IRISSTEADYSHOTBACK LIGHT etc AUDIO SET menu 68. Settings for the audio recording DV AU MODEXLR SET etc DISPLAY SET menu 70. Display settings of the display and the viewfinder MARKERVF BLIGHT DATA CODE etc INOUT REC menu 75. Recording settings input and output settings VCR HDVDVDV REC MODE DV WIDE REC DOWN CONVERT etc TCUB SET menu 78. TC PRESETUB PRESETTC LINK etc MEMORY SET menu 80. Settings for the Memory Stick Duo QUALITYALL ERASE etc OTHERS menu 82. Settings while recording on a tape or other basic settings USB SELECT QUICK RECBEEP etc DubbingEditing Dubbing to VCR DVDHDD device etc 85. Recording pictures from a VCR 89. Copying movies from tape to Memory Stick Duo as still images 91. Deleting recorded pictures from the Memory Stick Duo 92. Printing recorded images PictBridge compliant printer 93.

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