Sony HVR-V1U Operations Compared to PDX-10

There is some consistency in design of camera controls among Sony camera models designed for similar markets so moving fromt the PDX10 to the HVRV1U

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Sony HVR-V1U Operations Compared to PDX-10
Setting Audio Levels Mic setups are the same on the V1U as on the PDX10 but audio levels are more intuitively handled on the HVRV1U. If you choose to manually set audio levels flip the switch from AUTO to MAN position and use the audio level dials located below the mic input settings The short shotgun mic is an upgrade compared to the microphone with which the PDX10s are equipped Wireless microphone sets are upgraded to meet FCC requirements as of June 2010. Enabling Handle Controller Zoom and record controls are located in the same relative places on both camera models. The HVRV1U also has a set of controls that can be enabled on the top of the handle These will not be active by default but are useful in some shooting circumstances. Simply slide the switch from the OFF position to the H or L position depending on the sensitivity desires.
deo camera body Microphone usually already mounted to top of camera and connected to XLR audio input 2 Camera battery Wireless mic transmitter Wireless mic receiver Lavaliere microphone including lapel clip and windscreen stereo male mini plug Cable to connect wireless receiver to XLR audio input 1stereo male minitoXLR male cable Analog component output cable HD or SD video only Analog composite output cable SD video and audio These are basic settings only and are intended to provide a minimum base for recording video and audio More advanced settings require more thorough study and explanation Consult the HVRV1U manual included with your camera or SJMC online resources at httpdms sjmcumneduDMSEquipmentphp Not shown camera bag should also include AC power cord and adapter for plugging camera into wall outlet and AA batteries for the wireless mic

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