Sony TRV-17 Mini-DV Camcorders Owner’s Manual

Superimposing a still picture in a Memory Stick on a moving picture MEMORY MIX 124. Copying still images from a tape Photo save 127. Viewing a still picture Memory photo playback 129. Viewing a moving picture MPEG movie playback 132

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Sony TRV-17 Mini-DV Camcorders
Table of contents Main Features 4. Checking supplied accessories 5. Advanced Playback Operations Playing back a tape with picture effects 57. Playing back a tape with digital effects 58. Enlarging images recorded on tapes Tape PB ZOOM 59. Quickly locating a scene using the zero set memory function 60, Searching the boundaries of recorded tape by title Title search 61, Searching a recording by date Date search 62. Searching for a photo Photo searchPhoto scan 64. Quick Start Guide 8. Getting started Using this manual 10, Step 1, Preparing the power supply 12. Installing the battery pack 12. Charging the battery pack 13. Connecting to the wall outlet 17. Step 2. Setting the date and time 18. Step 3. Inserting a cassette 20, Recording Basics Recording a picture 21, Shooting backlit subjects BACK LIGHT 26. Shooting in the dark Night ShotSuper NightShot 27. Selftimer recording 28. Checking the recording END SEARCH EDITSEARCH Rec Review 30, Editing Dubbing a tape 66. Dubbing only desired scenes Digital program editing 68. Using with analog video unit and personal computer Signal convert function 79. Recording video or TV programs 80, Inserting a scene from a VCR Insert editing 83. Audio dubbing 85. Superimposing a title 89. Making your own titles 92. Labeling a cassette 94. Playback Basics Playing back a tape 31, Viewing the recording on TV 35. Advanced Recording Operations Recording a still image on a tape Tape Photo recording 38. Adjusting the white balance manually 41, Using the wide mode 42. Using the fader function 43. Using special effects Picture effect 45. Using special effects Digital effect 46. Using the PROGRAM AE function 49. Adjusting the exposure manually 52. Focusing manually 53. Interval recording 54. Frame by frame recording Cut recording 56. Customizing Your Camcorder Changing the menu settings 96. Memory Stick Operations DCRTRV17. only Using a Memory Stick introduction 103. Recording still images on Memory Sticks Memory photo recording 112. Recording an image from a tape as a still image 117. Recording moving pictures on Memory Sticks MPEG movie recording 120, Recording a picture from a tape as a moving picture 121, 6. Table of contents . Viewing images using computer 134. Copying the image recorded on Memory Sticks to tapes 138. Enlarging still images recorded on Memory Sticks Memory PB ZOOM 140, Playing back images in a continuous loop SLIDE SHOW 142. Preventing accidental erasure Image protection 143. Deleting images 144. Writing a print mark PRINT MARK 146. Using the printer optional 148. Getting started Troubleshooting Types of trouble and their solutions 149. Selfdiagnosis display 155. Warning indicators and messages 156. Additional Information Usable cassettes 158. About InfoLITHIUM battery pack 160, About iLINK 162. Using your camcorder abroad 164. Maintenance information and precautions 165. Specifications 169. Quick Reference Identifying the parts and controls 171, 

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