Sony TRV-33 Mini-DV Camcorders Owner’s Manual

Adjusting the white balance manually 52. Using the wide mode 53. 6. Table of contents Memory Stick Operations DCRTRV22TRV33. only Using Memory Stick 106. InsertingEjecting the Memory Stick 109

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Sony TRV-33 Mini-DV Camcorders Owner’s Manual
Table of contents Main Features 4. Quick Start Guide Recording on tape 8. Recording on Memory Stick DCRTRV22TRV33. only 10. Using the fader function 55. Using special effects Picture effect 58. Using special effects Digital effect DCRTRV22TRV33. only 59. Using PROGRAM AE 62. Adjusting the exposure manually 64. Using spot lightmetering function Flexible Spot Meter 65. Focusing manually 66. Using spot focus function Spot Focus 67. Interval Recording 68. Frame by frame recording Frame recording 69. Using the viewfinder 70. Getting Started Using this manual 12. Checking supplied accessories 15. Step 1. Preparing the power source 16. Installing the battery pack 16. Charging the battery pack 17. Checking status of battery pack Battery Info 20. Connecting to a wall outlet 21. Step 2. Setting the date and time 22. Step 3. Using the touch panel 23. Advanced Playback Operations Playing back tape with picture effect 72. Playing back tape with digital effect DCRTRV22TRV33. only 73. Enlarging images recorded on tape Tape PB ZOOM DCRTRV22. TRV33. only 74. Quickly locating a scene Zero set memory 75. Searching the boundaries of recorded tape by title Title search 76. Searching a recording by date Date search 77. Searching for a photo Photo search Photo scan DCRTRV19. only 79. Recording Basics Recording a picture 25. Shooting backlit subjects Back light function 33. Shooting in the dark NightShotSuper NightShot Color Slow Shutter 34. Checking recordings End searchEdit searchRec Review 37. Playback Basics Playing back tape 39. To display the screen indicators Display function 40. Viewing a recording on TV 44. Editing Dubbing tape 81. Dubbing only desired scenes Digital program editing on tape 84. Recording video or TV programs 93. Inserting a scene from a VCR Insert editing 95. Audio dubbing 97. Superimposing a title on a cassette with Cassette Memory 101. Making your own titles 103. Labeling a cassette on a cassette with Cassette Memory 104. Erasing all the data in Cassette Memory 105. Advanced Recording Operations Recording still images on Memory Stick during tape recording standby or tape recording DCRTRV22TRV33. only 46. Recording a still image on a tape Tape Photo recording DCRTRV19. only 48. Selftimer recording 50.. Selecting image quality and size 110. Recording still images on Memory Stick Memory Photo recording 114. Recording an image from tape as a still image 118. Superimposing a still image in Memory Stick on an image MEMORY MIX 120. Interval Photo Recording 124. Recording moving pictures on Memory Stick MPEG MOVIE recording 125. Selftimer recording 127. Recording a picture from tape as a moving picture 128. Recording edited pictures from tape as a moving picture Digital program editing on Memory Stick 130. Changing the recording folder 133. Viewing a still image Memory Photo playback 135. Viewing a moving picture MPEG MOVIE playback 137. Choosing a playback folder 139. Enlarging still images recorded on Memory Stick Memory PB ZOOM 140. Playing back images continuously Slide show 141. Preventing accidental erasure Image protection 142. Deleting images DELETE 143. Changing image size Resize DCRTRV33. only 146. Writing a print mark Print mark 147. Viewing pictures recorded on tape on a computer USB Streaming For Windows users 161. Viewing images recorded on Memory Stick on a computer For Windows users DCRTRV22TRV33. only 167. Connecting your camcorder to a computer using the USB cable For Macintosh users DCRTRV22TRV33. only 170. Viewing images recorded on Memory Stick on a computer For Macintosh users DCRTRV22TRV33. only 172. Capturing images from an analog video unit on a computer Signal convert function DCRTRV22. TRV33. only 173. Getting Started Customizing Your Camcorder Changing the menu settings 175. Troubleshooting Types of trouble and how to correct trouble 186. Selfdiagnosis display 194. Warning indicators 195. Warning messages 196. Additional Information Usable cassettes 197. About the InfoLITHIUM battery pack 200. About iLINK 202. Using your camcorder abroad 204. Maintenance information and precautions 205. Specifications 211. Quick Reference Identifying parts and controls 213

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