Vascular Testing for Impotence

impotence lavage: a rapid method for screening for vascular impotence. … Urology a vasoactive drug combination for vascular impotence. J Urol. 1985, 133:39. ….

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Vascular Testing for Impotence
Using their dualradioisotope technique patients with arterial insufficiency are identified by exhibiting a lower average peak arterial flow rate than controls. Similarly patients with corporal venoocclusive dysfunction were distinguished by recording an elevated average peak venous flow as compared with normal controls. This study is hoped by the authors to have the potential to be an important diagnostic test in the evaluation of male impotence. Further investigation of the technique is required. It should be appreciated that there is as yet no universally agreed upon diagnostic algorithm for the vascular evaluation of impotent patients. Furthermore many of the currently available vascular tests such as pulsedfocused Doppler ultrasound and pharmacocavernosography are in evolution and their reliability has not been fully determined. Great strides have been achieved in erectile physiology and the understanding of the erectile mechanism over the last decade. The introduction of the dualisotope study in 1991 however must attempt to meet these new physiologic principles and standards. This editorial will discuss the inherent difficulties that are common to diagnostic studies in the area of hemodynamic evaluation of penile erection. It is imperative that if we as clinicians are to advance in the field of vascular evaluation of impotence we all must meet these new standards. First the six subject control population in this study were considered to have normal hemodynamic function based upon being sexually active Most other studies concerning vascular testing in impotence have utilized similar normal controls. There are however problems using such control subjects. Erectile potency the presumed status of the above six subjects is defined as the ability to achieve an erection of s ufficient rigidity to achieve penetration and the ability to achieve an erection of sufficient sustaining capability to maintain penetration until ejaculation. Potency however does not reflect normal hemodynamic status only functional hemodynamic status

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