Xserve RAID User’s Guide (Manual)

Including hardware installation and expansion, based on the use of RAID, and for important safety information. Xserve RAID. ….

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User’s Guide
Includes hardware setup
and expansion, basics of
using RAID, and important
safety information for
Xserve RAID systems
Xserve RAID
About This Guide 7
1 Introducing Xserve RAID 9
Unpacking the System 10
Your System at a Glance—Front Panel 12
Your System at a Glance—Back Panel 14
Your System at a Glance—Mounting Hardware 16
2 Preparing to Install Xserve RAID
in a Rack 19
Guidelines for Installation 19
Precautions for Handling the System 19
Choosing the System’s Location in the Rack 20
Rack Stability 21
Electrical Power 21
Operating Environment 22
Security 22
3 Mounting Xserve RAID in a Rack 23
Getting Ready to Install the System 24
Determine the Position for the System in the Rack 25
Prepare the System for Installation 26
Installing the System 26
Assemble the Brackets and Extenders 27
Mount the System in the Rack 34
Secure the System in the Rack or Cabinet 35
Moving the Xserve RAID System 36
4 Connecting Xserve RAID to a Host System and a Network 37
Installing the Host Bus Adapter Card in the Host System 38
Connecting Xserve RAID to a Host System or Switch 38
About Fibre Channel Connections and Cables 38
Connecting the System to Xserve or a Power Mac G4 39
Connecting Xserve RAID to a Switch or Hub 40
Removing Cables From the Xserve RAID and Host Systems 41
Connecting to a Network 42
Connecting Power to the System 43
Connecting an Uninterruptible Power Supply 44
5 Using the Xserve RAID System 45
Starting Up the System 45
Turning Off the System 46
Using Status Lights and Other Indicators 46
If the System Has a Problem 48
6 Installing or Replacing Components 49
About Replacing Components 49
Installing or Replacing an Apple Drive Module 49
Replacing a Power Supply 51
Replacing a Cooling Module 52
Replacing a RAID Controller Module 54
Installing or Replacing a Battery Module 55
Obtaining Additional Replacement Components 56
7 RAID Overview 57
Setting Up the Xserve RAID System 57
Installing Xserve RAID Hardware and Software 57
About RAID Storage 58
How RAID Works 58
Data Storage Methods 59
RAID Levels 60
Hardware and Software RAID 61
What’s Next? 62
8 Planning RAID Storage
for the Xserve RAID System 63
Tools for Configuring the Xserve RAID System 63
RAID Controllers and Drive Modules 64
Xserve RAID Schemes 66
A System With Four Drive Modules 66
A System With Seven Drive Modules 70
A System With 14 Drive Modules 73
Storage Capacities for Xserve RAID Schemes 78
Xserve RAID Hardware Connections 79
Connecting a Four-Drive System to a Host Computer or Switch 80
Connecting a Seven-Drive System to a Host Computer or Switch 80
Connecting a 14-Drive System to a Host Computer or Switch 80
Glossary 81
Appendix A
Specifications 83
RAID Controller Specifications 83
Fibre Channel PCI Card Specifications 83
Apple Drive Module Specifications 84
Dimensions and Operating Environment 84
Ethernet Specifications 84
UPS Interface Specifications 84
Power Supply Specifications 86
Cooling Module Specifications 86
Battery Module (Optional) Information 86
Appendix B
Safety, Maintenance, and Ergonomics 87
Important Safety Information 87
Handling Your System 88
Power Supply 88
Cleaning Your Equipment 88
Apple and the Environment 89
Health-Related Information About Computer Use 89
Communications Regulation Information 91
High-Risk Activities Warning 91

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