Yamaha Generator EF1000iS Owner’s Manual

major engine family of engines: E M. .. SEE DETAILS MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENTS. ….What are some examples of abnormal strain neglect or abuse A.

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Avoid touching the engine and muffler while they are still hot with any part of your body or clothing during inspection or repair AE00212 741091 FUEL Make sure there is sufficient fuel in the tank. Recommended fuel Unleaded gasoline Fuel tank capacity Total 25 L 055 Imp gal 066 US gal Your Yamaha engine has been designed to use regular unleaded gasoline with a pump octane number R M2 of 86 or higher or research octane number of 91 or higher 707092 707091 w 9 Fuel is highly flammable and poisonous.
These terms are general and overlap each other in areas. Specific examples include Running the machine out of oil lack of proper maintenance operating the machine with a broken or damaged part which causes another part to fail and so on. If you have any specific questions on operation or maintenance please contact your dealer for advice. Q. Does the warranty cover incidental costs such as transportation due to a failure A. No. The warranty is limited to repair of the machine itself. Q. May I perform any or all of the recommended maintenance shown in the Owners Manual instead of having the dealer do them A. Yes if you are a qualified mechanic and follow the procedures specified in the Owners and Service Manual. We do recommend however that items requiring special tools or equipment be done by a Yamaha generator dealer. Q. Will the warranty be void or cancelled if I do not operate or maintain my new Yamaha exactly as specified in the Owners Manual A. No. The warranty on a new Yamaha cannot be voided or cancelled However if a particular failure is caused by operation or maintenance other than as shown in the Owners Manual that failure may not be covered under warranty. Q. What responsibility does my dealer have under this warranty A. Each Yamaha generator dealer is expected to 1. Check the operation of the generator before sale. 2. Explain the operation maintenance and warranty requirements to your satisfaction at the time of sale and upon your request at any later date.
Operate the engine in a well ventilated area AE01018 741081 741082 FUEL IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE AND POISONOUS 9 Always turn off the engine when refuelling. 9 Never refuel while smoking or in the vicinity of an open flame. 9 Take care not to spill any fuel on the engine or muffler when refuelling. 9 If you swallow any fuel inhale fuel vapor or allow any to get in your eyes see your doctor immediately. If any fuel spills on your skin or clothing immediately wash with soap and water and change your clothes. 9 When operating or transporting the generator be sure it is kept upright. If it tilts fuel may leak from the carburetor or fuel tank.

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